Most of our activities (with the exception of Mom's Night Out)

are held between 8am and 6pm, when at-home mothers

need the support. Here are some perks of club membership.

Support Network and Activities

  • Monthly all-club meetings 

  • Casual get-togethers in parks and members' homes

  • Multiple weekly play dates for mothers and their children such as to the museum, fruit picking, library story times, and local restaurants.

  • Kids parties around the holidays or just for fun throughout the year

  • Playgroups for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children based on where you live

  • Monthly book club

  • Homemade meals delivered to your door when you deliver a new baby or at other times of need

  • Service projects that help area families

  • Monthly MOMS Night Out

We believe being a mother should not isolate you, so we

encourage you to bring your children with you to all

MOMS Club events.  You do not have to bring your children

to attend an event, but if you do bring children, please remember

that you are responsible for your children's safety and behavior

at all times.  During meetings we are all together.  Babies are always welcome

to stay with their mothers, and you may nurse at our events.


Neither the International MOMS Club ® nor the MOMS Club of Charlottesville

endorse any advertisements that may appear on this page

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